Wiring Our Home

Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Wiring Our Home

On New Year's Day, our sons, Rick and Matthew, our brand new son-in-law, Damon, our
daughter, Heather, one of my clients, David (who is doing a barter with me), and his son,
Christopher, our builder, Mike, Fred and I and two of our grandchildren,
Kyle and Shelbi, gathered to wire the house.

Rick installed the service panel,
figured out what breakers to install
and where to route the wiring runs.


Matthew got busy nailing boxes
into the walls where I wanted them.

Damon nailed boxes under
the living room windows.


Rick, Matt and Mom figured out
where each appliance goes in the kitchen.


Shelbi and Kyle picked up dropped nails, explored
the new house and kept us all entertained.

February 2005

It was a long winter for us. Even on this day,
and in a 4-wheel drive truck, we opted
to hike in rather than risk getting stuck!


Not only was it snowy, there were deep,
wet ruts full of water and ice!

And here we found the crushed culvert (from
the big trucks) had created a lake!


Not only that....there was a small river
running under the ice as the overflowing
puddle crossed the driveway!


But it was fun to see the winter view
we will have when we live here!




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