Mother's Day Weekend, 2005


Several of my children came to help me this weekend with all the things that still needed to be done

Damon and Matthew also installed
our whole house fan to reduce our
need for air conditioning in the summer.


Damon taking a refreshment break. Damon and Matthew
also did some framing
in the opening for the fireplace so it will be
ready when the fireplace arrives. And Damon
nailed boards over all the heat ducts so the
children won't fall in them or drop things in
them - Christopher's latest favorite game!


Finishing Windows

Heather and I kept working on
staining windows. She works tirelessly!


Here is one that is almost done. Still needs
a third coat of polyurethane. The stain is cherry
to match the cabinets.

These windows are in the Master Bath.
The one on the left is stained. The one on the right
is not. These fixed windows are MUCH easier
and faster to do than the double hung windows.


Heather's dog, Minnie, helped by guarding
the door to the bathroom!

Cedar Porch Ceiling

Minnie is guarding this door, too!


We are working on the ceiling of the porch now.

My daughter, Rene', is rubbing polyurethane on
the cedar. Fred did a second coat later
when he arrived.


It is going to look beautiful!


Sleeping quarters.


It is still in the 40s at night, so we hung plastic
squeezed into one small area and had a
kerosene heater to keep warm.

For a change of pace, Heather decided to burn
some of the brush in the lake site.


Yikes! Kerosene works really well!

Heather feeding the fire.


Matthew and Damon cut down a big old dead cherry tree that was hanging over the house.
Here it is...falling down....we all worried it might fall in the wrong direction!

Twilight Tour in the Gator

Saturday night, Matthew took Heather, Rene' and I for a ride in the gator....along a path
I have never seen before. We rode along the north edge of my property (it was cool to see
that part for the first time) and then off through a neighbor's field. As we crested the hill, look
what we saw! What looks like a brand new castle!

And then we all enjoyed this sunset on the way back.

Can anyone guess what this is?

May 22, 2005

~ more windows! ~

This weekend, I actually FINISHED the 2nd,
3rd and 4th windows. This involves sanding,
taping the glass and seals, one coat of wood
conditioner, two coats of stain and three
coats of polyurethane...sanding lightly
between each coat of polyurethane.


Then, remove the tape....not as easy as it
sounds! Carefully scrape off any polyurethane
or stain with a razor blade. Clean the window
(scrape some more; clean some more) and
These are the Master Bathroom windows.
Voila! Nothing to it!...NOT!

These are the windows in the Family Room.


Unlike the ones above, these double hung
windows take about 3-4 times as long!
Now I only have 37 windows left to finish!


Finally, the deck is beginning to take shape!



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