Windows and Doors for Our Home

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Windows and Doors!

Early Thursday morning, the Pella
truck backed up to the garage and
began unloading our windows and doors!


Today is the last day I will see snow
on the INSIDE of my house!

First the framers unloaded all the windows
and doors and placed them near where
they would eventually go. Here is one of the
sliding glass doors for the living room.


Here comes the front door!

And here is the little octogon window
that will go in the gable over the entry.


And here is the entry door with its "top-light."
I can't wait to see that in place!

The installation begins.
They started with the basement windows.


They had one person on the inside and
one on the outside.

Richie is putting insulated tape around
the windows to seal them completely.


All the windows in the basement are in!
Even without heat, it is so much warmer!

Jeff begins installing one of the
living room windows.


Now they are working on the sliding glass
door in the Master Bath.

The Master Bath is completed.
Imagine lying in a warm, bubbling
Jacuzzi under those two big windows,
looking out on the beautiful view!


Now on to the Master Bedroom which
has two opening windows
and French doors.

The Master Bedroom is complete!
This is going pretty fast!


These two windows are for the den...
where we will do computer work and
watch TV...relax and hang out.

As I drove home that night....I could not resist this sunset photo,
taken out of the sunroof of my car while driving!

The next day they put in the living room windows.


Now you can see the house with windows!

If you look closely, you can see our grandson,
Kyle, on the outside of the sliding glass door
and our granddaughter, Shelbi, on the inside!


The entry porch with the octogon window
up in the gable, the entry door, kitchen
window and the door from the screened
porch into the kitchen.

The entry door....up close.



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