We Have Walls!

At 9:00 a.m. on August 24th, a huge crew of workers
(I think there were 14 of them, but they were always moving and I was never really sure if I counted all of them!)
showed up to begin building the walls. Above, they are setting the first corner.

They seemed to move along quite quickly! It was sort of like playing with Legos!


The back wall of the basement is done and they are moving toward the front of the house.

Now it is really starting to take shape. The octogon in the foreground will be the basement, which is a walk-out basement with a large sliding glass door in the closest wall. From that part of the basement (which we plan to use as a playroom for the grandchildren) we should have a great view of the lake.


I couldn't resist taking this picture....I know....I am bad!

They are really moving along now. Almost finished! What amazed me is that they worked steadily all day and still were not quite done by 5:00 p.m.


They measured, aligned, moved the walls slightly, measured again. It gave me great confidence to see how hard they worked to get the forms exactly right!

Next, they sprayed some sort of oil inside the walls so the forms would come off the walls easily tomorrow.


Toward the end of the day, when things slowed down, a few of the guys played football in the woods!

Finally, at 5:00 p.m. the pump truck arrived, but they had to wait another hour for the wall guys to finish their adjustments so it would be perfect!


This pump truck was awesome! First the driver lowered four legs to hold the truck firmly while they pumped the concrete.

Then he started to raise the arm which held the pipes that pumped the concrete.


This arm kept unfolding and unfolding...until it was long enough to reach all the way from the front of the house to the back of the house!


Finally the first concrete truck backed up to the pump truck....poor guys, they had to drive their concrete trucks down our almost 3/4 of a mile long driveway...which is a narrow cut (one lane) through the trees...is steep and curvey in places....BACKWARDS! I bet they hated that!


It is hard to see in this picture, but two more concrete trucks pulled up into the loop at the end of our drive to await their turn....that way we never had to wait for the next truck to make it down the drive! In the end, there were 6 trucks full of concrete.

The hose on the end of the long pump truck arm is directed into the wall forms. The fellow on the right is controling the long arm with a remote control...just like a video game!


It was so exciting to finally see what I first conceived in my mind...then put in the computer...and finally built a 1:12 model....come to life!

When it was time to move down to the lower walls, this guy just grabbed onto the hose and rode it down to the lower level!


The tops of the forms were quickly smoothed out and another fellow came along and inserted metal pieces which will attach to the framed wall.

There he goes...riding back up to the upper wall again!


They were quite a team! From left to right: the first guy is filling the forms with concrete; the second guy is jiggling bubbles out of the concrete; the third guy is doing a rough finish to the top of the walls and the fourth guy is doing the smooth finish.


Almost done! All that is left is the garage and storage area.

Finally it is complete! It took them an hour and a half to actually pour the walls.


Here is where I spent most of the day with my camera!

August 30th, 2004

The waterproofer treated the walls in preparation for backfilling.


And the inspector approved it!


Now the walls are insulated on the inside.


And the inspector approved this, too!

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