Waiting for the walls :-(

July 26, 2004 - August 24, 2004

and August 27-28. 2004

After the footers were done, we expected the wall guys to start on the walls within the week. But it rained, and rained and rained and then when the rain stopped, I guess they were so far behind on their other jobs that they STILL did not show up!
I actually got pretty good at being patient!

The good news is, they finally delivered the forms (above).

The bad news is, when they delivered the forms, they drove over my beloved little dogwood in our "front yard" which I had been so carefully protecting (right)



Meanwhile, we rented a bulldozer and began to clear the lake site, which will be just below the house.


My builder, Mike, managed to find a buyer for the timber in the lake site (which we estimate will be about 7 acres when complete). The timber man wanted us to clear everything except the biggest trees before he comes in to harvest them.

You can begin to see the clearing, but we still have a long way to go!


This is the view from about where our deck will be. Most of the trees in the foreground will be gone, although we will save a few between the deck and the lake to provide shade in the late afternoon.

Friday and Saturday, August 24-25, 2004

Mike wanted us to gather as much help as we could muster to clear the lake site this weekend. Unfortunately, our son Matthew and our daughter Rene' were the only ones available, so I called our son Rick again Friday night to plead with him to come help if he could, even though he had a full weekend. The angel that he is, he agreed to be there by 10 pm Friday night and work throughout the night as he had to be somewhere by noon on Saturday! So Rick, Melissa, Matthew and Kyle all arrived late Friday night and began working. Rick ran the bulldozer all night long...in the dark...clearing the lake site while Matt, Melissa and I, using flashlights, guided him so he could see where the edges of the lake site were. He managed, singlehandedly, to clear about 3 acres!


Saturday morning as we sat in the sunlight by the campfire, we looked up and saw a rainbow! (It was not this dark, but I darkened the photo so you could see the rainbow better.) It was strange, because it had not been raining and the sky did not even look like rain. As we sat there wondering at the rainbow, we could hear a distant noise and wondered what it was....a train? ....a tornado (we nervously joked)...whatever it was, it was rapidly getting closer and louder! Moments later we realized it was raindrops hitting the leaves in the trees, moving across the lakesite toward us. As the first raindrop hit us, we folded the camp chairs we were sitting on and ran for the dining tent -- about 15 feet away -- and by the time we got inside, both we and the chairs we carried were soaked! It was that fast!

For the next 45 minutes, it really poured! We had left an empty coffee cup out by the fire ring and when we went out after the storm passed, it had over an inch of rain in it!

Look what the storm did to our foundation! It was deep!


And you could almost imagine our lake, when complete, as the water flooded the site.


Too bad the dam is not complete! It surely would have filled up today!

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