Baltimore Vacation

October 2006

Thursday, October 19th

Water Taxi

It was our plan to take a cruise today...but unfortunately, they were not taking any cruises on this day (not sure why - perhaps because it was kind of a grey, overcast weekday and the harbor was not very crowded). Not easily discouraged, we boarded the Water Taxi which cruises the harbor to 16 different landings around the harbor.

There's that little lighthouse again. The Duck captain told us that the lower part (the brown part) was for livestock.

This paddleboat was moored at Fells Point. I thought it was odd that the paddleboat was covered with election campaign posters and then learned that former President Cllinton was scheduled to campaign for the local candidate later in the day.

 We saw several working tugboats in the harbor.


This WW II submarine was moored outside the aquarium. Former President Jimmy Carter served aboard this vessel.

We got off the taxi in Little Italy. This is the sewage plant. A beautiful old building for a sewage plant!

This old steam roller was parked outside the sewage plant.

We visited the Civil War Museum on President Street. Below are postage stamps depicting the Civil War.

This illustrates what it looked like on the evening that the Civil War started.


There were stamps that showed different people from the Civil War. 


Also, there was an illustration of what it looked liked when all the people of Baltimore and the Confederates were fighting.

These are different weapons used during the Civil War.

These were items owned by those who fought in the Civil War.

~Baltimore to Hancock, Maryland~

This was a unique bridge that caught our eye while we were "cruising" downtown Hancock Maryland (which consissted of a Main Street and that was it).

Friday, October 20th

There is good news and bad news about Friday. We made reservations two weeks ago to go trail riding in Southwestern Pennsylvania today. When it started pouring rain Thursday night, I prayed it would clear up and the sun would shine by I was thrilled when the sun broke through the clouds about 10 am Friday morning as we drove west toward the Greenridge Horse Ranch. Around every corner was yet another glorious vista with awesome fall colors! (It was so hard to choose just a few photos from the 50 or so we took.


The bad news is that this is as close as we got to trail riding! Guess I should have prayed that we would have a lovely trail ride because it turned out they cancelled all rides this day because of the weather the night before. We called a few other places...but got the same story. But it was a lovely drive to Morgantown, West Virginia.

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