Baltimore Vacation

October 2006

Tuesday, October 17th

The year each of my grandchildren reach 16, I take them on a "last fling" (before they are off to college, fall in love, get married, etc.) vacation with me to wherever I am going for the MANA Conference. This year was Danielle's turn.

First Dani and I visited to the National Aquarium in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor.

We attended the Dolphin Show to watch the dolphins go through their paces and perform lots of amazing tricks.

This dolphin was playing catch with the trainer who was standing right in front of us.


This dolphin is taking his trainer for a ride...pushing her through the water with his nose.


Grammy, playing around in the Dolphin Shop after the show.

The Frog Exhibit

These very colorful frogs were poisonous.




African Bullfrog

American Bullfrog



This turtle had to have one of his front flippers amputated, but seemed none the worse for wear! He got around quite well!

Dani by one of the "bubble pillars".

Sea anemones


The Rain Forest



The USS Constellation

The last all sail warship built by the US Navy, the Constellation is the largest example of Chesapeake traditional shipbuilding in existence. It is the only naval vessel active during the Civil War that is still afloat. It was launched in 1854.

One of her cannons.


We ended our first day of play with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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