Grand America Hotel


ACNM Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah

May 26th - June 1st, 2006


Salt Lake City was cold and overcast, but the mountains that surround the city glistened in the sunlight.


Our room was a "garden" room, overlooking the pool, hot tub and in the distance you could see the snowcapped mountains.

By Sunday morning, the sun came out so we could enjoy the beauty of this spot.


We had three suites, side by side (Thank you, Debbie!) so that we could use these terraces for the MANA Reception.

This was one of the hotel courtyards.


When we went out shopping, I caught this glimpse of the Mormon Tabernacle.

MANA Booth in the Exhibit Hall

Our first task was to prepare the MANA Booth for the Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall. (Abby Kinne, Debbie Pulley and Carol Nelson)


The space was small, but it looked quite nice. (Gera Simkins, Debbie Pulley, Carol Nelson)

We crammed a lot of stuff in a small space.


Our booth got a lot of traffic and we made great networking connections when we attended the booth.

Bridge Club Meeting

Unfortunately, most of the meetings we wanted and needed to attend were all scheduled for the same 3 hours, so we had to split our time in each meeting.


Gera led the Bridge Club Meeting. This was an unusually small group because so many things were scheduled for this time.

Home Birth Section Meeting

Much to my delight, Saraswathi Vedam was the new chair of the home birth section.


Again, a small meeting as half of those at the Bridge Club wanted to be here, too.

Saras even demonstrated how the new MANA Online Statistics site works.


In a free, late-night moment, Debbie played computer games! :-)

MANA Reception

As usual, Debbie did a tremendous job of planning and shopping and preparing the food for our reception.


These suites were perfect for the reception as our visitors were able to flow out onto the patio and move between all three rooms.


Sure looks like everyone is having fun! Many people came up to me as they were leaving to tell me that our reception was the "best."



Late in the evening, Gera graciously relieved me as bartender so I could visit with some of our guests.



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