Siding Our Home

Friday, March 11th, 2005

Siding Our Home

After a very long winter, they finally began putting up the siding.

This is the uphill (north) side
of the house.


And this is the back (west)
side of the house, on the lower level.

This is the downhill (south)
side of the house, on the lower level.

They set up scaffolding to reach the main floor.


These photos really don't do this siding justice.
Here it looks like tan....but in person
it looks like red can see the
woodgrain and multicolored look.

It is a little easier to see the wood grain in this closer photo.
Generally, I hate siding and looked long and hard for this one which looks more rustic.

HVAC Rough-in

The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air
conditioning) people had started their
rough-in. This is the dryer vent.


And this will be a heating/AC vent.

They are really moving along now!
This is the south (lake) side of the house.


March 17th: Almost completed. (back)


Back of house.
You can see here the band board where the
deck will eventually be. On the upper floor,
the sliding glass door and large windows are
for the Master Bath. The door will open onto
a small deck with a hot tub!

The south side. You can see now that they
have completed the soffit at the roof edge.


This is the last little bit of the north side.


March 21st - The front of the house



March 29th - Siding and Plumbing

The plumbing rough in is completed.


This is the laundry room.


Here you can see the framing for the hearth for the fireplace. Oh my! This is getting exciting!

Friday, April 8th, 2005

Gutters and Finishing Windows

The siding is completed. The chimney (far left) is finished. Today they were just finishing up the gutters.

Here they are putting leaf-guard on the gutters.
After all, this house IS in the middle of the woods!


Here you can see the gutter and downspout.
I was worried about how the dark brown
gutter would look against the siding, but
am very pleased with it.

The only part of the exterior that is not finished yet is
the entry and the chimney. This will be the screened-in
porch (the door leads to the kitchen) and will be
covered with grey and brown stonework....a great
place to eat!


But first I must finish the ceiling, which will be
cedar. I have not decided yet if it will be stained
or not. The screened-in part will be rectangular
and will start just to the left of the kitchen
window. The triangular part by the front door
will not be screened-in.

Today we started the finishing of the windows. This is a very small one, as we wanted to practice and
develop the "technique" for how it should be done. We sanded this small window, one sliding glass door and.
the French doors. Then we prepped this window and put the first of three coats of stain on just the small
window. It took us all afternoon! After the three coats of stain are finished, we still need to apply three
coats of is going to be a long summer.



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