International Confederation
of Midwives Congress

Manila, The Philippines

May 1999

By contrast, our conference was held in the beautiful Philippine International Convention Center nearby. In the Philippines, almost all babies are delivered by midwives. The week we were there, over 2000 midwives graduated from Midwifery School in a lovely ceremony held here at the Convention Center.

The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) had a booth in the Convention Center. It was a tremendous opportunity for us to meet and share common experiences with midwives from all around the world and to gain insight into a more global view of midwifery.

Together we grappled with issues that impact us all, regardless of our global location: maternal and infant mortality, lack of prenatal care and the despicable commercial campaigns to undermine the new mother’s efforts to breastfeed her new baby by giving her free formula until her breastmilk has dried up…forcing her to purchase formula to feed her baby…only she cannot afford to purchase the formula and so she would excessively dilute it with polluted water…causing her baby to suffer major malnutrition, illness and even death.

I met midwives from Japan…

…and Finland


…and India


…and Australia


…and Great Britain



Wales, Taiwan and many others.

We were honored by a visit from the First Lady of the Philippines
who addressed our conference, praising the importance of midwifery work worldwide!

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