Framing Our Home

Monday, November 1, 2004

Octogon and Entry Gable

Mark and Rich are "stick building" the
rafters for the hexagon.


The octogon living room is really
starting to take shape!

This part is tricky...lots of measuring and re-measuring.


The angle was so deep that Mark could not
use a regular saw...he had to use his chainsaw.

He told me, "This is the way the Amish do it."

Mike said,
"No, this is the way the hillbillies
do it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Fascia, Bracing and Delivery of Shingles

Mark is trimming the sheathing on
the garage roof.


Brian is helping Mark nail the fascia board
on the edge of the garage roof.


Meanwhile, inside, Rich is nailing
bracing between all the trusses.

All work stopped when the shingles were delivered.
One of the deliverymen rode the conveyor belt
to the peak of the garage roof.


Each bundle moved up the belt and Rich
helped him carry them (heavy!)
to the far end of the roof.


They piled them in stacks of three bundles each
all along the peak of the roof.


The bundles are coming at them fast now!


Friday, November 5, 2004

Sheathing the Octogon

After completing the final framing of the octogon,
Mark and Rich are marking the "tails" of the rafters
in preparation for trimming them off even.


Rich, "the wallwalker," stretches the
chalkline across the rafters.

And then carefully marks the cutting line.


As Rich continues marking the rafters,
Mark begins cutting off the tails.

A somewhat precarious position to be in
when trying to use a powertool!


With all the tails cut, Mark and Rich
begin nailing the fascia board in place.



They left an opening in this wall for the chimney.


Now they begin sheathing the octogon!


Almost done...
Wow! That looks SO cool!



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