Framing Our Home

Friday, October 22, 2004

The house trusses are in place
and they are starting the roof


Setting the trusses for the garage.


They built a platform on the roof
to hold the roof sheathing.


And piled sheeting on the platform
for easy access when sheathing the roof.

The lakeside of the house.


The front of the house.

Setting the first truss
for the hexagon.



All trusses are set.

Tuesday, October 26th

Mark and Richie worked on tying
the hexagon roof to the rest of the roof.


Meanwhile, Jeff and Steve worked on
sheathing the garage and the rest of the roof.


This is the view from the back of the
house. You can see how much they
got done!


Steve is trimming off the
edge of the sheathing.

Yikes! Steve is trimming the edge
on the downhill side!


You would not catch me doing that!

Trimming the last little bit!


Mike, working on the deck of the
screened porch...after dark!

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Rick and Matthew delivered two concrete
culverts that will be used to create
a bridge across one of the creeks
to make it possible to walk and drive
around the lake.



Mike and his nephew worked on
the deck for the entry.




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