Framing Our Home

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

While I was in Portland, the garage and
the entry was framed.


In preparation for the delivery of the trusses
a crane was used to move some of the
wood out of the way.

Steve is nailing top plates in place
as the load of wood sails over the house.


Jeff and Brian guild the pile of OSB
gently into place.


I wasn't quite quick enough with my camera
to catch this, but the weight of the wood
and the reach of the crane lifted the front end
of the truck about 3 1/2 feet off the ground!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I was at a birth this morning but, Jeff took these photos of the delivery
of the trusses for me. Looks like the dumping of the trusses was slick!



Steve and Brian load the first trusses
onto the crane.


Up they go...over the wall!

Mark guides the truss into place
while Brian controls the "tail."


Jeff and Mark nail the truss in place.


Mark nails the first 3 trusses
together for extra support.

Jeff, Mark and Richie level the truss
and attach braces to hold it in place.


Jeff attaches more bracing.

The first truss is in place!


Meanwhile, Steve and Brian nail sheeting
to the next truss which will form the gable
at the back of the house.

The gable complete, Rich attaches
the crane straps to the gable while
Brian attaches the rope tail.


There it goes!

The gable is lowered into place.


And nailed to the walls.


Mark and Richie nail the gable
to braces on the outside of the walls.


Now they begin setting the rest
of the trusses.


Tying the trusses together.


How come Rich always ends up in the
most precarious spot???



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