Framing Our Home

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Building the Octogon

Rich built me a temporary railing
around the opening for the stairs
so that no one falls into the basement!


Mark is creating the step-down into
the octogon shaped living room.
This has been very complicated.

First he had to create the step, which is
at an angle to the rest of the floor



Now you can see the octogon!


The sub-flooring is almost done!

Jeff and Rich close the gap now that the
octogon step-down is complete.


The lumberyard delivered a huge order
of lumber which will be used for the walls.
Unfortunately, they did not bring a forklift
this time. they dumped the load, it started to
fall and a few pieces broke!


At the end of the day, the sky darkened and
the first rain in weeks approached. I had
to rush to seal the floor to protect it. By the
time I was done, I was soaking wet and cold
and tired. Took a cold shower, put on many
layers of clean dry clothes and hid in my
cabin and watched the rain.



Boredom (and addiction) breeds invention!

To access the internet in comfort, I created a
"breakfast-in-bed" type table on my bed,
using a low lawn chair, resting on its back,
with my laptop on a plastic tabletop and
pillows piled up against the
wall! Oil lamps light the room and
a small battery lamp lights
the keyboard! Amazing what I will do
to feed my internet addiction!


Thursday, September 30th


Rich trims the final edge from the subfloor!
It's done!


Steve and Jeff begin building the wall
for the main floor.


This is the wall for the Master Bedroom
and the Master Bath


This is the wall for the kitchen and family

Tomorrow morning the first walls will be raised!


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