Framing Our Home

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Richie continues to nail the top plate on to
tie the walls together..


Then the last beam was delivered. The
driver drove all the way down the

  I wish the story ended there....but....
because he drove down backwards, he
got stuck off the edge of the driveway
...twice! and in the process he broke
a window on the truck and tore the side
mirror off! And because it took so long,
the crane operator (who was following the
truck and helped him get unstuck) did not
have time to set the beam, so will have to
come back Monday to do that.

While they were here, the porta-potty guy
arrived in his truck to service the potty.
First the crane left, then the beam truck,
then the porta-potty truck and then the
framers left for lunch.

Ten minutes later, the framers returned. It
seems that the crane lost a belt on the
water pump and the crane stopped -- halfway
up the driveway! (so the
beam truck, porta-potty truck and the framer's
truck stopped, too! And there they all sat!)

Eventually, the framers decided to eat lunch
here. The crane operator called for a
mechanic to come fix his truck and the
beam truck and porta-potty truck just had
to wait until the crane could get to the
top of the drive so they could all leave.

Poor fellas! Oh well, they had a slow
afternoon and probably got paid anyway.

Richie, Jeff and Mark lift one of the walls
for the octogon section of the basement
into place.


Two nice big windows in this section

Now they lift the final octogon section
into place.


This section will contain an 8' sliding glass
door and will overlook the lake

Richie is nailing more top plate on top of
the walls.


How does he do that? 10 feet up!

Meanwhile, Mark is marking the top plate
for the location of each floor joist.


Now he is nailing a "band board" on top of
the top plate. The floor joists will be nailed
to this.

Richie, Mark and Jeff put up more band board.


Now Mark and Richie measure and mark
the top plates on the beams for floor joists

There goes the wall walker again!


Richie cuts a pocket in the wall for the
last beam.

Richie and Mark level the walls and tie them
together with a few floor joists.


Here Richie is beginning to put in the floor
joists for the main floor.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Richie and Steve are nailing in the floor joists.


This side is almost done!

Richie is cutting more band board to hold
the floor joists in place.


Now they are nailing the band board
to the floor joists.

The floor joists are almost all in, except for
the octogon portion.

  On Monday, the last beam will be set
allowing them to finish the floor joists and
begin constructing the walls for the main

Also, once that beam is in place, Mike can
pour the concrete for the basement floor.


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