Framing Our Home

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What a day!!!

The crane is moving the first beam to the wall..


Mark and Rich guide the first beam into place.

Mark, Rich and Jeff carefully level the beam
and the column that supports it.


Here comes the second half of that beam.

Jeff guides the crane operator so that
the beam lines up just right!


Once in place, he attaches the two beams
with big nuts and bolts.

Rich hammers tabs on the top of the
columns around the bottom of the beam
to hold them together.


Now the third beam is put in place.

And now the fourth.


Uh oh! The last beam is too short!
They will bring one the right length tomorrow.

Jeff and Rich build the headers for the
windows in the first wall.


The first wall section is in place!!!

They are getting ready to lift the second wall
section into place.


Wow! Look at that!

Here comes the third wall section!


And the fourth!! They are flying now!


Rich, the "wall-walker", walks along the top of the walls, nailing the plate, which ties the wall
sections together, into place. And he does this walking backwards! Yikes!

Now the first wall of the octogon is put in place.


And here comes the second section of the
octogon...two great windows in this section!

What a great view of the lake
those windows will provide!


Wow! Almost the entire basement was
framed in one day!



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