Framing Our Home

September 20, 2004

Late on Monday evening, I could hear a truck
rattling down the drive! Much to my surprise,
it was the delivery of the Steel Beams for
our house


Uh oh! He is stuck in the new gravel! As the
weight of the trailer went down the hill next to
the house, his wheels just dug into the gravel.

He lowered the feet on the trailer, and lifted
the trailer off the front but even without the
weight of the steel, he still could not
move forward. He eventually hooked
a chain to a tree and pulled himself out
of the hole in the gravel.


Then he drove around the loop and hooked
up to the trailer again....this time able to
pull it back up the hill and line up with the

I was waiting for some kind of mechanical
device to remove the steel from the truck
...but NO he just muscled it off!


One at a time, he dropped them along the drive.

Tuesday, September 21st

At 9 a.m. more lumber was delivered


This neat little "Navigator" was able to place
the piles near where they would be used.

At 10 a.m. two of the framing crew arrived.
Here Jeff is cleaning off the top of the cement


Now he is placing insulation on top of the
cement walls.

Meanwhile, Mark is putting the "sill" on top
of the insulation.


Now Mark is nailing the "hurricane ties" to the
sill. This attaches the frame to the cement

Now more of the crew has arrived and are
cutting the studs for the walls to size.


Meanwhile, Mark is measuring and marking
the placement of each window and door.

The first wall is being built!


Completed walls, ready to be raised
(first thing tomorrow morning!)


I couldn't resist including these beautiful sunset pictures I took tonight!
Just imagine how it will be to sit on my deck and watch that happen each night!



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