Framing the

Main Floor

Weekend, October 2-3, 2004

Over the weekend, my grandsons, Trevor and Jeremy, brought their friends, Cody and Blake, to the Stork's Nest for a weekend
of camping. Cody and Blake have grown up with them and are about to move to South Carolina. So this was their last opportunity
to be together.

Mike had an attentive audience as he did some
masonry work....4 little boys!


So he put them to work...digging holes
for the footers for the entry porch!
Here is Cody digging.

And my grandson, Trevor


My grandson, Jeremy...


and his friend, Blake.

Monday, October 4th

Some of the sheeting was put on the
basement walls today.


And three more walls were raised: (from right to left) the
kitchen wall, between the kitchen and the screened porch;
the entry wall (front door) in the center; and the first living
room wall (on the left).

Rich, the wall-walker, tying the walls together.


Lifting that 1st living room wall was a challenge!
It is 12 feet tall and heavy!


This wall has a sliding glass door in the center
and two large windows on either side. Above
that are three smaller windows. Imagine the view!


The walls are almost done now!

And Mike has almost completed the cinder block
column that will support the entry porch.


Tuesday, October 5th

The octogon is done! From the left: Entry; then the
section with sliding glass door with windows; then the
wall with the fireplace; then two big glass windows.


These are the two big windows and the section
with the sliding glass door.

Imagine the view through these living room windows!


Now you can really see the octogon!

Now they are building the wall between the Dining
Room and the Master Bedroom.


This is the view from the Master Bedroom toward
the Dining room wall.

Framing Interior Walls

Wednesday, October 6th-7th


Rich and Jeff are nailing a double
plate on the interior walls to hold it all together.


Dining Room and Living Room






Staircase, Hallway and Half-Bath

Coat Closet


Master Bedroom

Mike and Brett complete the masonry support column.


A fine job!

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