Framing the

Main Floor

Friday, October 1st, 2004

Rich is cutting out the family room windows.


Steve and Jeff are stapling Tyvek Home Wrap
on the outside of the wall.

Everyone is ready to lift the first wall
- the north wall.


Up it goes!


They held it in place while it was nailed to the
subfloor and leveled with braces.


The OSB is nailed to the framework for the
south wall.


And Tyvek is stapled to this wall.

And up goes the south wall!


Mark told Jeff to cut the Tyvek out of the windows
and door so I could enjoy the view. LOL


Here goes the west wall!


This corner is the Master Bath. The window on
on the left is the "toilet room"; the two big corner
windows are over the Jacuzzi tub; and the doorway
is a sliding glass door leading to the back deck
where we will have a hot tub.


On the left are the two Master Bedroom windows on
each side of French Doors. In the corner is the Master Bath.
To the right are two windows in the big wall-in closet/laundry.

Circling the house, clockwise, this will be the entry
on the left and kitchen on the right. In the back, you can
see the walls for the Master Bedroom and Bath, the
Walk-in Closet/Laundry and the Family Room.


Moving down the hill, the wall for the living room will be
built next week. Below those are the windows and door
to the playroom.

On the right are the windows and door to the playroom.
To the left are two "future" bedrooms on the ground floor
and the Master Bedroom and Bath on the main floor.


These are the playroom windows. Above that is the
octogon living room (unfinished).

Moving to the back of the house, on the lower level,
are the windows for a bedroom and bathroom.
On the main level you can see the sliding glass door in
the Master Bath that will lead to a deck with a
hot tub.


On the far left are two windows for the Family Room.
In the center of the photo is another Family Room
window and then the two windows in the Walk-in
Closet/Laundry. Behind the tree, is the Master Bath

To the right are the two Family Room windows.
To the left is the door from the garage to the


The only part left to do is the octogon Living Room,
the Entry and the Kitchen in the front.

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