Garage and

Basement Floors

September 2-5, 2004

The first load of stone was delivered for the garage floor.


Lots more to be delivered in the days to come!

Mike, the Miracle Worker, (our builder) supervises the delivery of even more gravel for the concrete floors.


Now we had to make the floors level and just the right height and slope in preparation for pouring the concrete floors. Our daughter, Heather, is hard at work!

Our daughter, Rene', daughter-in-law, Melissa and granddaughter, Danielle pitch in, too!


The garage and storage area are all ready for the concrete.

Mike placed perforated pipe around the perimeter to serve as a drain for any water that collects at the base of the walls.


Stan, the excavator, came back to backfill - pour gravel and then soil on top of the pipe and up against the walls.

The piles of dirt surrounding the walls are graded around the outside of the house.


Mike begins to pour gravel into the basement in preparation for the concrete floors.

This is slow work, one bucketful at a time!


More perforated pipe (drainage tile) lines the inside of the walls to carry away any moisture that may collect there.

The drainage tile is now all the way around the basement walls.


Finally, Mike begins to fill the last part of the basement with gravel.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Mike and Company poured the garage and storage area floor and Dave did the rough grade around the house. This is the view as you drive up the driveway.


This is the view looking down toward the lake site from the driveway. Dave has graded it gently downhill.

In this photo, it is really hard to appreciate how it is graded downhill, but the darker brown area in the distance is the lakesite (which still has trees in it...just the underbrush is gone.) This part of the edge of the lake is being built up with soil and will be covered with sand to provide a nice beach area for the younger grandchildren to play in the water.


This picture is a little clearer. You are looking at the gravel filled floor of the playroom. Beyond that is the freshly graded soil around the house. Beyond the tree line, the brown area will all be under water.

In spite of Fred's desire to avoid mowing grass, it looks like we will, in fact, have some grass around this house in the woods!


This is the other end of the house looking toward the Master Bath and the Family Room.

This is the back of the house. That corner in the center of the photo will be the Master Bath which will open onto a deck with a hot tub! Note the two trees with the orange ribbons on the right. I have fought to keep those trees to provide shade on that deck! Today I spent the day shoveling and raking the dirt back off the roots so they can "breathe" and will survive this building process! (Hard, hot work!)


This is the uphill wall of the house (the family room). Note the little tree in the foreground. It looks like they may have saved that one, too...and I believe it is a dogwood!

This is the floor of the garage and the storage area. Mike did an incredible job! The floor is slightly sloped toward the garage door so water will always drain out. He even raised the corners slightly so no water would ever collect on the garage floor!

And the photo at the right was taken from inside the garage, looking down the driveway.


Monday, September 13, 2004 - The Rough-in Plumbing

Next the plumber installed the pipes that will be underneath the basement floor. First they measured and marked where the pipes should go and then dug a trench in the gravel for the pipes.

At the right, they are putting the pipes together (like K'nex) and placing them in the trenches they had dug.


Now they are checking the pipes for level -- to be sure they will drain downhill into the septic system.


Once the pipes had just the right slope to them, they back-filled with gravel to hold the pipe in position.

The capped, upright pipes will extend above the concrete floor so they can connect them to the plumbing (sinks, tubs, toilets) after the floor is poured.


You can still barely see the tops of the pipes in the gravel. This is so the inspector can see their work tomorrow. Once he approves this step, they will come back and cover the pipes with gravel in preparation for the basement floor being poured later this week.

Now they are plumbing the "future" second full bath which will be in the basement.


Checking again for level.


Ready for inspection!

We even had a surprise visit from our daughter, Stephanie, her sons, Michael and Christopher and Stephanie's friend, Tara!


Christopher is learning to play "trucks" while Michael is busy mowing the "lawn" in the background. (There you go, Fred, THAT'S how you can avoid having to mow the lawn. Get Michael to do it!)

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