Our Cabin...

After four years of trying to get this process moving, and having to haul our camping equipment and tools back and forth each fall and spring, we decided to build a storage shed/cabin in the fall of 2003.

In 1999, we wanted to put in a phone line so I could feel secure about spending time there and still remain accessible to my clients. The phone company told us we needed to have a "structure" in order to install a phone....so we built a tent platform for our tent as our "structure" and they installed a phone line.

In the fall of 2003, our sons, Rick and Matt (with help from the entire family) enlarged our tent platform from 9x12 to 12x16, added walls, roof and shingles and voila! We have a cabin!

Here's the tent platform as we begin to enlarge it.

Preparing to attach the framework of the new floor
to the tent platform.

With the framework in place and a new floor laid over
the entire platform, the first wall finally went up!
Whoo hoo! SO exciting!

The back wall is now up
and the third wall is almost ready to be raised!

The last wall is up, but we were running out of light! Remember, there is no electricity yet so we had to finish this wall using car headlights to see what we were doing!

Now we prepare to put a roof on it!

Rick and Matthew nail the first roof truss in place.
Notice they have lots of help with advice!

Hey! It's beginning to look like a real cabin!

I didn't make their job any easier
by refusing to cut down any more trees!

Next they put in the ridge beam.

Now they are nailing in the roof beams.

This storage shed will even have a covered porch!

The beams are in place
and the roof is beginning to take shape.

Kyle, Matthew's son, is doing some
carpentry of his own!

This takes great skill....not bad for a 3 year old!

It is especially hard
when you drop you nail in the leaves!

Oh well, let's just try a different nail.

This takes lots of practice!

Uh oh. Grammy caught me!

Fine work, Kyle!

Kyle is helping dad build the roof.

The first layer of roofing felt is rolled out.

Kyle supervises the work crew.

Grammy watching Kyle watching Dad.

Melissa helps Matthew and Rick shingle the roof.

Almost done...

Unfortunately, I fell off a ladder when working on the inside and made an unexpected trip to the ER for stitches in my knee, so I never got pictures of the completed project. When the weather improves, I take some more of our new cabin to share.
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