AHS Class of 1962 40th Reunion

Memories from Steve and Cookie Witham


Allen and Bounheng Inversin

Carole (Weinberger) Torri, Carol (Nanna) Swales, Winnie (Izzolo) Serrano

Dancing the night away!

...and the beat goes on!

Ellen Korbin and Steve Witham

Eddy and Ed Brown

Jo Ann (Esposito) and John Hogan

Ellen Korbin

Leigh Doyle, Jr. (Ellen's son), Ellen Korbin, Janey (Beckman) Fethers

Jo Ann (Esposito) Hogan, Ed Brown, Janey (Beckman) Fethers, Rich Reilly, Steve Witham

Back row: Jeff Smith, Allen Inversin, Andrea (Ciofalo) Misel, Gail (Laudato) Heady, Steve Witham, Carl Jenter

Front row: Alayne (Bennett) Cormack, Winnie (Izzolo) Serrano, Barbara (Insky) Mayer, Ellen Korbin, Bob Hess, Billy Love, Janey (Beckman) Fethers

Back row: Carl Jenter, Billy Love, John Hogan, Jeff Smith, Mike Scaperotta

Front row: Anne (Young) Hamner, Andrea (Ciofalo) Misel, Steve Witham, Ellen Korbin, Mr. Phillips, Janey (Beckman) Fethers, Lynne (Costigan) Heidman

Jackie and Billy Love

Andrea (Ciofalo) Misel, Allen Inversin, Janey (Beckman) Fethers, Steve Witham, Gail (Laudato) Heady, Billy Love

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