Ardsley High School Class of 1962 40th Reunion

Orlando, Florida   -  September 6-8, 2002

As my plane rose into the sky, I could not suppress the smile on my face as my mind wandered through the vivid memories of the last 48 hours...
  • The tender kindness and constant, concerned, caring from Carole, Melanie and Ellen, who took such good care of me.

Carole (Weinberger) Torri

Evan Schultz, Jimmy Fraguela, Melanie (Norton) Craig

  • The attentive companionship of one of our honorary classmates, Billy Geer. Thanks, Billy, for giving me the courage to attend!

Billy Geer (Class of 1961)

  • The pleasure of being recognized by Jo Ann, Henry, Paul, Hank, Andrea, Gail, John, Rich, Lynne, Alayne, Eddie and Barbara.
  • The forging of new friendships with Billy Love, my unknown until now neighbor, and Henry Gould (How did I miss getting to know this great Richard Dreyfus look-alike?)
  • Lynne's sad stories of the painful blows life sometimes metes out.

Winnie (Izzolo) Serrano, Carol (Nanna) Swales and Mimi (Whaley) Anderson

  • The healing hugs from Mimi, Carol and Winnie, washing away years of believing I was invisible to these incredible women I admired so much in my AHS years.
  • The instant connection with Jeff's wife, Ingrid, as we sat in the dark on Ellen's deck and soaked our butts on wet deck chairs!
  • Mimi's courage as she has faced a year of loss and grief.
  • The laughter of the "Late Night Crowd" who were unable to bear the evening coming to an end and so continued to party in the lounge....until they kicked us out!
  • The phone call to Murray Fish in the middle of the night.
  • "Scappy's" oft repeated, frequently embellished, joke!
  • Al's fascinating stories of his life in exotic places where the menu included lizards!

Allen Inversin

Danny Schafer

  • The amazement and joy of discovering I share with Danny (the Mel Gibson of AHS!) a love of horses and the special smell of nuzzling a horse's neck.

Abby (Wiggins) Kinne and Jeff Smith

  • The warp speed return of the special feelings I had for Jeff, barely ignited back then and almost forgotten in the intervening years.
  • The flush of embarrassment when Clem appeared briefly on Saturday night. (Why did I reveal my "secret high school crush" so publicly?)
  • Anne's admirable dedication to a life of service and public education as a nurse.

Winnie (Izzolo) Serrano, Anne (Young) Hamner, Mimi (Whaley) Anderson, and Abby (Wiggins) Kinne

Ellen Korbin, Jimmy Fraguelo and Janey (Beckman) Fethers

  • The special bond and feeling of support from Janey, Melanie, and Ellen
  • The perfect shot at Jimmy with the squirt gun.
  • The sense of class spirit as we stumbled through Melanie's "Electric Slide."
  • The heart-stopping moment in the elevator....Yes! Life IS still wonderful!

Jimmy Fraguelo


What an amazing, caring, spirited, fun-loving class!

Thank you, AHS Class of 1962, for the most

incredible, fun-filled, heart-touching 48 hours

that has given me the strength and desire to fight on!


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