AHS Class of 1962 40th Reunion

Memories from Gail (Laudato) Heady


Ann (Young) Hamner, Jo Ann (Esposito) Hogan, Gail (Laudato) Heady, Billy Love, Carole (Weinberger) Torri

Billy Love, Janey (Beckman) Fethers, Bob Hesse

Gail (Laudato) Heady, Carole (Weinberger) Torri, Winnie (Izzolo) Serrano

Janey (Beckman) Fethers, Barbara (Insky) Mayer and Larry Mayer

Melanie (Norton) Craig, Jimmy Fraguella, Brenda Reilly, Gail (Laudato) Heady, Jo Ann (Esposito) Hogan, Rich Reilly, Ken Heady

Michelle and Ralph Bennett, Ellen Korbin, Alayne (Bennett) Cormack and Dale Cormack

Mrs. Ciofalo and Bob Hesse

Paul Koors and Andrea (Ciofalo) Misel

Paul Koors, John Hogan, Melanie (Norton) Craig, Jo Ann (Esposito) Hogan, Jimmy Fraguella and Winnie (Izzolo) Serrano

Billy Geer and Carol (Nanna) Swales

Bob and Carol (Nanna) Swales, Joni and Henry Gould

Ed and Eddy (Howard) Brown

Ellen Korbin, Melanie (Norton) Craig, Mimi (Whaley) Anderson

Mike Scaperotta, Eddy (Howard) Brown, Andrea (Ciofalo) Misel, Ed Brown

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