Dick and Dotti Olsen's World Cruise

Aboard the Sailing Vessel Dunamis

Bahia San Pedro

11/01/03: Free at last, Free at last!!!  The dock lines are slipped and we're out of San Carlos.  All systems are go although we had a momentary scare about the watermaker.  Thank goodness there's an Admiral on board (that would be Dotti).  Captain Dick thought we had a problem starting the watermaker until the Admiral read the directions and corrected his error.  We are making water, the engine is purring, the skies are clear, it's not too hot, and the only negative thing is that there's no wind to hoist the sails. 

We are headed for Bahia San Pedro, about 15 miles north of San Carlos.  We'll stay there a day or so and then head to Punto Chavato on the Baja peninsula.  We hope to get into Conception Bay before heading further south.  We're currently buddy boating with our friends Bob and Jane on Kokomo.  We'll probably be with them for about a week and then they are heading to Mazatlan where they will leave their boat while they fly to Sweden for the holidays.  Jane is from Sweden and besides the holidays, her sister is celebrating her 50th birthday and she wants to surprise her.  We will continue on to La Paz where we will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas before heading off to Mazatlan.  We hope to meet up with Bob and Jane again after they return from Sweden and head south to Zihuatanejo together.  Hopefully, our friends Gary and Lois on Texan will be joining us also.

That's all for now.  If you haven't already, please check out our website at www.shortstork.com/cruise.  Abby, our web person will be updating it soon with lots of pictures from her visit with us. 

Bahia San Pedro



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