Dick and Dotti Olsen's World Cruise

Aboard the Sailing Vessel Dunamis

Abby's Visit

Abby at the helm!

10/15/03: For those of you who do not know me, I have been creating this website for Dick and Dotti for about a year now. When they heard I had to be in Austin, Texas for 10 days for a meeting, they graciously invited me to join them for 10 days of sailing prior to my meeting. It was the trip of a lifetime!

After a few days of preparing the boat for sailing, some sightseeing around San Carlos, swimming in the marina pool and several opportunities to meet and enjoy getting to know their friends Bob and Jane from the Sailing Vessel Kokomo, Bud and Penny from Sweet Pea and Duncan and Robin, we were off!

What a thrill this was for me! My parents were sailors in the Caribbean, so this brought back many bittersweet memories for me....enjoying the quiet of the sea, cool breezes as we sailed the boat, being awestruck by the incredible canopy of stars which are invisible from home, sleeping to the gentle rocking of the boat at anchor and delightful snorkeling in the clear, warm Mexican waters.

I am so grateful to Dick and Dotti for showing me such a wonderful time and making me feel like such an honored guest. Perhaps sometime I can join them again in another exotic port of call!

Tetas de Cabra at San Carlos, Mexico


"Embracing Lovers" tree trunk
in San Carlos Marina.


Rich had to climb to the top of
the mast in a bosun's chair
to change a light bulb.


It's WAY up there!


Almost there!


He made it! Rats! The bulb was
NOT blown after all!


Bahia San Carlos

Isla Venado

Punta Doble

Marina Real and Catch 22 Beach

Punta Esmeralda

Martini Cove

Lalo Beach

Anchorage at Bahia San Carlos

Leaving San Carlos

Heading North

Former Club Med

Under Sail

Passing Sailboat

Approaching Bahia San Pedro

At anchor at Bahia San Pedro

Abby swimming at Bahia San Pedro

Sunset on Mountains at Bahia San Pedro

Bahia San Pedro Sunset

Captain Rich (Dick)

"Heart Mountain" (Can you see it?)

Returning to Port of San Carlos


Farewell Dinner with Dotti, Dick, Bob and Jane.


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