MANA 2002

Wakefield, Massachuetts

MANA Board of Directors Meeting

Joint Board Meeting with NARM and NACPM

MANA and NARM enjoy dinner together!

Robbie Davis Floyd

Ruth Walsh

Executive Council Meeting

MANA 2nd VP, Joan Green

MANA President, Diane Holzer

MANA Treasurer, Kelley Daniel

MANA Secretary

Ashley Kraft

My Night Out with the "Crazy Midwives"

Barbara Lahey, Kelley Daniel and Mary Ann Durbin
at the Mariner's Memorial in Gloucester, MA

The Crazy Midwives at McT's Lobster House, Gloucester, MA
Ashley Kraft, Signe Rogers, Debbie Pulley, Kelley Daniel, Barbara Lahey, Abby Kinne, Nina McIndoe, Mary Ann Durbin, Tina Williams

Ashley Kraft

Kelley Daniel and Barbara Lahey

I love this group...but you can't take them ANYWHERE!!!

Signe Rogers and Debbie Pulley

Kelley Daniel and Barbara Lahey


Drumming up Money for FAM (Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery)

MANA is presented with a beautiful quilt to celebrate our 20th Anniversary...

Our Conference Coordinator, Janie!

Ina May Gaskin and Carol Leonard
with our Anniversary Cake

Our Annual Statistics Skit
Goldi Hawks, Martha Stewart and the Three Bears

Janesse Oakhurst, Abby Kinne, Karen Ehrlich, Robbie Davis Floyd, Ken Johnson, Betty Anne Davis and Anessa Maize

MANA members kick up there heels at our annual dance!

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