The Stork's Nest

September 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Our family gathers each year for Labor Day Weekend

Kyle on his 4-wheeler.

Michael throwing sticks of Molly.

Heather introducing her dog,
Tiny, to Hansel.

Hansel chasing Lucky.

The children were playing with the remote
control boat and Molly began chasing it.

Oops...she almost got it!

Now they are all getting into the act!

Reluctant swimmer, Tiny, was even
seduced into diving in to take chase.

Kyle came to her rescue when she
realized she was in the water!

Matthew, fishing with his son, Kyle.

Matthew taking the kids for
a ride around the lake!

Notice Hansel is following
them around!

This is the Weeping Willow we planted
on the island a few years ago. It is doing
great and growing fast, isn't it?

And this is the white pine we planted on
the island at the same time so there would
be something green in the winter. It, too, is
growing well. We only go out there about
once a year to cut the weeds back.

This was our view as we rowed out from
behind the island, toward the house.

The house, taken from the dam.

The waterfall as seen from the lake.

The Stork's Nest Sign

September 28th, 2011

Ever since we bought this land, we have wanted a sign to mark the driveway
as our house is hard to find. The driveway is 1/2 mile long and from the road
looks like little more than a path disappearing over the hill into the woods.

I had been working on a design and was talking to a client about doing a barter
for a wooden sign. When I shared this information with Fred, he revealed to me
that he was planning to have a sign made for me as a stone!

So he took my design and had the stone made. After weeks of waiting,
today was the day the sign was to finally be delivered!

We were waiting at the top of the drive for
the delivery when I took this shot. I didn't
know it at the time, but if you look carefully
you can see the truck coming down the road!

First he poured gravel into the hole we had
dug to create a solid base for the sign.

Then Fred raked and hoed the gravel
to make it level.

Next he carefully unloaded this HUGE
stone...he estimates 3500 lbs.

He carefully maneuvers it into position.

Then he drops the front edge...

and pushes it upright.

A little more adjustment.

Then Fred shovels and packs the gravel
around it to keep it upright.

We still have some landscaping planned for around the stone.

No one will miss our driveway now!




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