The Stork's Nest

May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

When we purchased this acreage in May of 1999, we were so excited to share our
dream with our children and grandchildren that we planned to campout with them over
Memorial Day Weekend. There was nothing here...not even a driveway...just beautiful
woods and streams and an old logging trail. Since that time, we have gathered here
as a family each year for a Memorial Day Weekend Family Campout. Of course, now
we have toilets and showers and beds and all the comforts we could ever hope for.

Our grandson, Ray, and his friend, Chelsea,
with our grandsons, Christopher and Michael

Our son, Matthew

Our grandson, Michael

Our son, Matthew,
and his son, Kyle

Ray taught Christopher
how to thumb wrestle.

So then Christopher had to
challenge everyone!

Ray, the Photographer

Ray is a senior photography major at Ohio State University. Just for fun, he took
the following series of photographs of our grandchildren and their friends.

In fairness, Ray did not take these photos. WE took these snapshots of shots he
set up and took with his more professional equipment.

Grandsons: Christopher, Kyle, Nick, Michael...and Michael's friend, Colin



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