The Stork's Nest

March 2011


It's the middle of March!
What's the deal?


More snow on April 2nd! Seriously??!!

The good news is that it melts quickly in April. Hansel doesn't seem to mind the snow.

Spring (at last!)

Sunday, April 10th
Surprise Party to Celebrate Fred's 70th Birthday

My niece, Kathy and Mark Hendershot

My niece, Stacey and Tyler Lambert

My great niece Lindsay Lambert

My brother, John
My daughter, Rene' and her friend, Sande

My son, Matthew and his son, Kyle
My daughter, Heather

My son, Matthew and his son, Kyle

My daughter, Rene' and my niece, Kathy
Best buds all their lives!

Rene's son, Ryan

Heather's son, Trevor and Matthew's son,
Kyle, throwing sticks for the dogs.

Trevor and Matthew's Kyle,
going for a spin around the lake.

Ryan showing Stephanie's son,
Christopher, how to use the
Remote Control boat.

Oops, Hansel does NOT like the boat!

We have a very shy couple of Blue
Herons that visit us on a regular basis,
but are clearly camera shy.

We were lucky to catch this shot of
one of them out on the dam.

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