The Stork's Nest

August 2011

Hot August Days

August 2011

The view of the house from the other side of the lake.

The Bridge

August 2nd, 2011

One of Fred's projects this summer was to rebuild the bridge over one of the streams
that come into the lake. Heather, Trevor, and Abby were here to help.

Flowers on trellis

Chinese Lanterns

Giant Puffball mushroom




We discovered a duck nesting in the bushes
at the edge of the lake. Here are the eggs,
but it looks like one was eaten, and we never
saw I don't think they survived.

Christopher riding Kyle's "speed racer"
...a blow up, motorized boat.

The best part was that it had a built in
squirt gun Christopher could shoot us with.

Christopher loved playing with
the "noodles", too!

But for good old, hot summer days,
just floating in an innertube was perfect!

Exploring the Stream


To get out of the hot sun, it was always fun to explore
the stream that winds through the woods.

Look! A frog!

Molly got so hot, she just laid down in
one of the pools along the stream.

Four-Wheeling with Dad

Kyle took Christopher for a gentle ride around the driveway circle.

I love watching how the older grandchildren
caretake the younger ones!

Our shy great blue heron again.



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