The Stork's Nest

March 2010

Thinking Spring

By mid-March, the snow had mostly melted and we could see
the damage it had caused to the trees around the house.

The entire top of this sweet, little tree,
that shades us when in the hammock
in mid-August, broke clean off!

I am not sure the tree will survive,
although I have talked to a tree
guy about trimming it properly so
that maybe it will survive.

Thinking SPRING my children threw a
surprise party for my 66th birthday and
gave me lots of things to help me begin
again to think of landscaping.

This is a beautiful wind chime I hung
in a tree near the hot tub.

And these are solar lights
to line the walkway from the
driveway to the front door.

And more solar lights along the
retaining wall from the driveway
to the lake.

And more solar lights along
the steps down to the dock.

And more solar lights along the edge of
the rock garden at the edge of the lake

And still more solar lights
for the table on our deck.

All are just beautiful after dark.

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