The Stork's Nest

June 2010

Yucca Plants

This summer has been one of exciting discovery as some
of the plants are blooming for the first time.
Here Kyle, 10, is standing next to a huge Yucca.

Tree Trimming

In June, Jacob Sauer came to remove
some dead trees near the house and
trim some of the other ones.

We were espcially worried about a
couple of dying cherry trees that
were right next to the house.

I was impressed!
He managed to carefully drop that tree
in exactly the spot he planned. Note the
log he placed near the corner of the concrete
pad to keep the falling tree from breaking
our concrete pad when it hit the ground.

Then then cut the trunk into managable
(10') lengths and cleaned up all the debris
from the dead branches.

I was amazed at how Jacob rigged
his ropes. He had a very neat gadget,
like a huge slingshot, that he used to
shoot a weighted bag way up in a tree
so he could pull his rope over a strong
V in the tree.

Then he pulled himself up the side of the
tree using ropes and pulleys.

You can barely see Jacob way up in the
crook of that middle tree, cutting away
sections of the tree and lowering them
carefully to the ground with ropes.

The tree topped, Jacob returned to the
ground to cut down the remaining trunk.
Note the ropes he rigged to make sure
the trunk fell exactly where he wanted it.

It's starting to fall now, right between the
healthy trees!

Notice how Jacob's assistant is working
the ropes to make sure the tree falls in
the right direction!

It's down now and safely on the ground.

Now the work of cutting up the tree and
cleaning up the debris begins.

Moving on to the trees between the house and the lake, Jacob is hanging in mid air to
trim a dead branch off a healthy tree.

Meanwhile, Jacob's assistant trims a dead
branch off a tree from the ground.

Here Jacob is trimming dead branches
that were damaged during last winter's
heavy snow storms.

Look how high he is in that tree!

Finally, Jacob cut down an oak, damaged
during the building of the house. Though
still alive, it was severely stressed and
would eventually have to come down.

It is starting to fall now.

Again, he placed a log on the ground to catch the impact of the falling tree.

The neat part is, there was a large "sucker" at the base of this oak
and Jacob carefully protected that sucker which will eventually grow into
another "Mighty Oak"...not in my lifetime, but someday.


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