The Stork's Nest

July 2010

Independence Day Family Reunion

Every summer we gather both our family
and my brother's family to celebrate the
4th of July and family summer birthdays.

This summer the kids decided so make a
zip line across the lake so they could zip
across the lake and drop into the water.

Soon there was a long line of kids
awaiting their turn to zip across the lake!

It was a very hot summer this year, but we discovered we could sit under the deck in the
shade watching the children play in the water and there was a nice breeze.

As we sat there watching a steady stream of dripping wet children running back
and forth between the lake and the house...and watched a growing mud puddle
develop by the door, it occurred to us that we could take the pile of bricks we
had brought from Rick's house and make a mud-free patio by the door.

Before we knew it, we had laid the entire pile of bricks into a patio and a path between
the house and the lake. It became our new favorite place to sit on these hot days.

Maybe next summer we will get more bricks and create a patio under the entire deck
...all with a proper and level base and surrounded with newly seeded topsoil.

A Rare Visitor

At dusk we had a rare visitor.

We often see Great Blue Herons fishing around the lake, but they are so shy that I can only
rarely get a photo of one. This one actually came to visit our dock. What a treat!

But when I snuck out on the deck to try to get closer, he flew to the far shore of the lake.

For her birthday, Abby got a makeup kit
...including lipstick, eyeshadow and SPARKLES.

She thoroughly enjoyed making up and
admiring herself in the mirror.

Then Heather decided to share some of the Abby's sparkles with Miker.
He was not convinced it was such a good idea.

Poor Miker was covered with sparkles!



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