The Stork's Nest

February 2010


Then came February -- usually grey with several light snowstorms.
No big deal.

February 5

On February 5th we had
a heavy (wet) snowstorm.

Hmmm...not too bad...but
when was it going to stop? !

As night came, the heavy snow continued
and trees started to bend over the house.

This is the TOP of a tree...not a branch!
Rene' was here and she went out on the
deck and with a long stick she shook the tree
so the snow would come off and our roof
would be safe.

It is hard to see in this photo, but I had
stuck a 12" ruler in the snow on the
table. The snow was almost to the top.

And it kept coming down! All night long.

February 6th

By morning it was clear that we were
having a major snowstorm.

And my ruler? It was totally buried
by the snow on the table.

Not only was it deep, it was
extremely wet and heavy.

Our window bird feeder
was a popular place!

Oops...that branch broke right off!

We spent our days plowing and shoveling.

I replaced the ruler with a yardstick!
Measuring 15-1/2" now.

February 15

A week later...and it has been so cold
that little has melted and although less
it keeps snowing a little more each day.

It is hard to appreciate just how deep and
heavy it was until you see how much it has
piled up outside the door!

More snow this night!

Now it's up to 18"

It got so heavy and deep that our tractor simply could not push it any longer...not to mention
that the piles of snow on either side of the driveway were so high, there was no place to
push the snow. Finally, one of our kind neighbors with a much bigger and heavier tractor
showed up one day and cleared the driveway for us! Thanks, Dave!

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