The Stork's Nest

April 2010

April Birthdays

Our family celebrates six birthdays in April, so we always
combine that celebration with an annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Trevor checks out the pile of gifts
while we wait for everyone to arrive.

Waiting for everyone to arrive.


The natives got restless, so they started
a little good natured wrestling -- a
tradition our son, Rick, started
years ago.

Stephanie's husband, was the last to arrive,
so we all decided to turn around and stare
at the door and take flash pictures of
him as he opened the door...
to mess with his mind!

Belated Birthday Boy Christopher
Stephanie's son
6 years old on March 2nd

Birthday Boy Michael
Stephanie's son
10 years old on April 2nd

Birthday Boy Kyle
Matthew's son
10 years old on April 7th


Birthday Boy Fred
Abby's honey
69 years old on April 8th

Birthday Girl Dani
Rene's daughter
20 years old on April 14th

Birthday Girl Stephanie
Fred and Abby's daughter
39 years old on April 22nd

Birthday Boy Jeremy
Heather's son
14 years old on April 23rd

Everyone had to try out Kyle's new
telescope after we opened all the gifts.

Scavenger Hunt

This year's Scavenger Hunt was a little different. Instead of clues to follow, they had to
find things and bring them back. Things like: a maple leaf, a pine needle, a buckeye,
a cattail, an acorn, a clover leaf, a swan feather, a blade of grass...
...and my all time favorite...
3 pieces of trash from the yard!


Off they go!

We divided them into groups of four,
placing the oldest grandchildren with
the youngest grandchildren so it would be fair.

Ryan - Rene's son

Hansel loved all the activity
around the lake!


Returning with their prized finds!

All the "birthday kids" blowing out their candles!

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