The Stork's Nest

September 2009

September 10th, 2009

Finishing My Den/Office

After an agonizing wait of over 6 weeks for the countertop to be finished, Trevor and Evan
finally returned to install the countertop and bookshelf and put in can lights over my workspace.

Here they are mounting the countertop to the
wall and the cabinets. Note the cut hole in the
wall to the left of the countertop. You may
recall when I framed that hole years ago to
accommodate my video editing equipment.
You can see the monitor and two VCRs on
the shelves Matthew built for me. Also, note
the closet doors were finally mounted (though
still not stained) to cover the shelves of storage
in the closet.

Here Trevor is installing the bookshelf/
room divider he built and stained to back
the peninsula of cabinets.

Here is my completed office. The can lights are on two separate dimmer
switches so I only need to light my workspace when I am working on the
computer...or the whole space if necessary. The bookshelf also serves to
cover my "mess" and keep the space looking neat...a continual problem.

Next is choosing and hanging pictures on the walls!

This is my workspace from the other side of the
bookshelf. It allows me to work in the same
room when Fred and I are watching I
can multitask and we actually get to spend
more time together.

This corner of the workspace is for Fred's
laptop or for visiting grandchildren who want
to hook up a laptop.


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