The Stork's Nest

October 2009

Halloween Birthday Party

We have three October birthdays in our family, so every year we
have a Halloween Birthday Party -- for Heather, Matthew and Nicholas.
As we gathered, everyone was in costume...and then some switched
costumes with each other just for fun.

Ray as the Dracula Wizard

Heather and Abby
Snow White and Little Snow White

Heather and Abby
without the wigs.

Stephanie the Witch

Matthew the Monster

Kyle the Wizard

Trevor the Spider Man

Christopher the Superhero

Nicholas opening gifts.
I think the monster is now Kyle.

Even Grampy got in the act.

And, of course, Molly had to dress up.

Hmmm...what is Trevor up to?


Pumpkin Carving

Next, we all carved our pumpkins. Unfortunately, it started to drizzle,
so we had to move from the deck to the garage for this event.

Jeremy with the "electric" knife

Abby and Mike


Ray and Michael

Always the clown...Ray puking pumpkin

Poor Christopher was sick and
slept through most of the festivities.

Pumpkinheads Jeremy and Ray

The Birthday Cake

Kitty Litter Cake

Stephanie volunteered to make the birthday cake. Little did we know, she made
a Kitty Litter Cake with crumbled cookies and melted Tootsie Rolls. Yuk!

Abby could not be convinced to try it!

(for that matter, half of the crowd did not eat it)

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