The Stork's Nest

November 2009

Fred Builds a Pole Barn

With a growing number of "farm vehicles" -- a tractor, including several
attachments, a gator, a riding mower, two 4-wheelers, a dirt bike -- plus the
need to store my "cheap to run" summer car in the winter and my 4WD jeep
in the summertime, we felt the need to build a barn for storage out of the weather.

Fred (and his tractor) did most of the work by himself, cutting down and
cutting to size trees that could work as the poles for the barn. Then he
had to drag them out of the woods to the barn site. Then he set each
of these poles, built a frame for the barn and added siding.

Then Matthew and Fred
built the frame for the roof.

Meanwhile, the rest of us began
priming and painting the walls.

Matthew pulling wood up on the roof.

Matthew nailing the roof framework.

Next they attached roofing sections.

Note the clear sections to provide
light inside the electricity.

Matthew screwing the roof sections
to the underlying supports.


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