The Stork's Nest

June - July 2009

June 25th, 2009
Full Bath Downstairs

We are still working on finishing the bathroom
downstairs. Mostly what remains is finishing
the drywall...UGH!

Matthew also built the soffit over the vanity
and installed the surround around the tub.

With the drywall finished, I painted the wall
a warm gold with white ceiling and fixtures.

Painting done. Medicine cabinet hung. Curtains and stained glass window hung.
Ready for the grandchildren to try out the shower/bathtub!

July 1st, 2009

Our First Largemouth Bass

Two years ago we stocked our new lake with 100 shellcrackers (Sunfish) to eat snails and such,
300 bluegill, 10 triploid grass carp (White Amur) to manage algae and 200 largemouth bass. We
have seen lots of Sunfish and Bluegill as they come to the dock to be fed. We also occasionally
spot the White Amur (they are HUGE now!) eating around the edges, but we have never again
seen the Bass. They eat other fish, not the fish food so we never saw them at the dock. We
wondered if they had survived. They were about 2 inches long when we stoked the lake.

Every year our family gathers for Fourth of July Weekend. Miker, Heather's friend, went
fishing in the early morning before the children got up and look what he caught!

Wondering if that was just a fluke, Miker
kept on fishing...all weekend!

And caught one after another after anotherl!

Matthew brought Kyle, Tierney and Kristina
with him this weekend. Here, Tierney is
taking a dip in the lake.

In a rare moment of R and R, Matthew
went swimming with the kids.

After dark, the men treated us all to
our annual fireworks display.

Do you know how hard it is to take a good
photo of fireworks?

This was the best one!

And what would a fireworks display be
without the magic of sparklers.

Even Abby discovered their wonder.

Trevor, however, has always believed that all the celebration is about him!
He was born on July 3rd, 1993, so this was his 16th birthday.

After the party we held canoe races. Ray set
up buoys in the lake to mark the "track" and
here Ray's friends, Missy and Taylor, are
are racing my niece, Kathy, and her son,
Jake, around the course.

Then Ray raced his best friend, Kyle, from
the dock to the island. Why are boys so

Monday, July 7th, 2009

Cement Pad for Garage

We have been waiting a long time to put a
cement pad outside our garage. We had to
make sure there would be no more big trucks
that might ruin the pad before we did this.

Our neighbor, Jack Jackson, and his son
leveled the gravel and set up the forms for
the cement.

Then the cement truck arrived.

And they began spreading the cement.

Amost done.

Now Jack is "floating" the surface
to make it really smooth.

The next morning he came back to cut the
seams. I love it!

He even put a pretty edge on the pad.

He also put in a small pad out side the
door that leads to our workshop.

And Kyle signed it with his handprint.

July 19th - 20th

Cabinets, Speakers and Wiring

This weekend Matthew and a friend of his, Kelvin, did a variety of jobs for me.

The main job was creating circuits for all the bedrooms downstairs and installing
breakers in the main panel. This included outlets in each bedroom, the hallway and
the playroom and ceiling lights and switches in all of the rooms downstairs. They also
framed a few walls, including a double wall between the playroom and the adjoining
bedroom. We insulated this wall so playroom noise will not bother anyone sleeping.

They lowered my laundry cabinets at last.
I know...they are too low...but they are just
perfect for this short person. I can now reach
the shelves, even when reaching over the
washer and dryer.

And they installed the speakers out on the
deck and in the master bathroom. Then
they hooked up the master controls so I can
choose where I want the music to be heard.

Here is the insulated double bedroom wall.

And here is the other side of that wall (the
playroom) with the drywall covering it.

Meanwhile, I installed ceiling lights in each
of the bedrooms.

July 25, 2009

Den Cabinets

Trevor and Evan installed cabinets in my
den for my office.

The upper cabinets are almost complete.

The cabinets are all installed and Trevor measured for the countertop to be made.

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