The Stork's Nest

August 2009

August 14th, 2009

Hot Tub!

When we ran out of building money, I gave up on my dream of having a hot tub outside
our Master Bathroom and resigned myself to having a lovely private deck just right for
the two of us. But when my grandson, Ray, decided to sell his dad's house and all its
contents, he gave us Rick's Hot Tub! What a sweetheart!

Unfortunately, it had not been winterized that first winter after Rick was killed and this
caused some major damage that needed to be repaired. AND it was a major challenge
to get it from West Jefferson to Heath without further damage. Once here, our son,
Matthew, rebuilt the underside of the tub, replacing rotten wood and creating new supports
for the fiberglass shell. Then he had to replace parts of the pump that had been cracked
when it froze. If that were not enough, we THEN had to move this newly refurbished tub
from the garage to the hot tub deck...gently!

It actually went pretty smoothly as we rolled
it around the deck on a furniture dolly, until
we got to the last turn, around the corner
of the house to the hot tub deck.

So Matthew and Fred removed part
of the deck railing so we could make it
around this last corner.

Whew! We made it in one piece!

With the tub more or less in place, Matthew
began the process of making all the connections.

Then we began to fill the tub with water...
icy cold water from our very deep well!

As the tub filled, we attached the cedar skirt
and checked for leaks...fixing them as we found
them. This meant draining the water, drying
everything out thoroughly, repairing the leak
refilling the tub again...a long process!

Finally, we got it filled enough
to turn on the jets!

Ahh...all is all we have to do is
wait a few days for the water to get warm
enough to get in it! Brrrr!

Once I mastered hot tub chemical balance, Fred and I have enjoyed
many a night in the hot tub under the moonlight.

I never dreamed that the grandchildren would get much enjoyment out of the hot tub, though.
I figured with a big lake nearby, the hot tub would be too tame for them...WRONG!

Here, just five of them are "swimming" in the warm water and having a ball!

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