The Stork's Nest

April 2009

Stephanie's husband, Mike, had to take sunset photos for a
college class assignment. These two are my favorites.

April 4-5th, 2009

Downstairs Bathroom

The downstairs of our home is for our children.
We have framed bedrooms for each family and a playroom for the grandchildren.

Our son, Matthew, and Heather's friend, Miker, came to help us finish the full bath downstairs.

First, Matthew put together the plumbing for the tub.

Then Matthew had to enlarge the hole in the
floor to accommodate the tub plumbing.

Next, we hung waterproof drywall behind the tub.

And Matthew made the final connections
to the plumbing our plumber had left in
the floor for a "future" bathroom.

Next, we framed a soffit that will be above
that side of the bathroom...

and a wall that will contain the plumbing
for the shower and tub.

Matthew and Miker began plumbing the tub...

...sweating all the copper pipes.

They carefully wrapped the pipe connections.

Abby helped, too!

Some of the "sweating" of pipes was in
very tight spaces!

I couldn't wait to finish the drywall and paint
the walls to see what my new tub would look like,
so Matthew helped me temporarily tape the
tub/shower surround in place.

Fred, Matt and I hung more drywall to provide
privacy while the bathroom was finished.

This included additional framing above the
wall with the bathroom doon.

Next we installed the toilet so the children will
no longer have to run upstairs to go to the bathroom.

The vanity is in place, but not installed yet as
we still have to frame a soffit over the vanity
for the vanity lights.

A new sofa for our den.

Before we moved, we took this sofa, which had belonged to my mom, to my dear friend, Karen,
to be reupholstered. Until now, our den has been a collection of mismatched furniture.
Now it is finally beginning to look like a finished room. She did a great job!

Easter 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Instead of our usual Easter Egg Hunt, this year we decided to have a hunt for the little ones
and a scavenger hunt for the older grandchildren. They moved too fast to get many good
photos, but our grandson, Ray, took a hilarious videotape of the whole event!

Abby (almost 3) hunted for her Easter Eggs
in the Great Room.

It did not take her long to figure out
what an Easter Egg Hunt was!

She does not see it yet, but she is warm!

Do you see the hidden egg?

Hey! That one was too high!

The Scavenger Hunt!

Each egg they found contained a clue for the next egg.

"You will find the clue where Paul Bunion's collection is
and where the mice like to hide."
(in the wood pile)

"What used to be a home away from home,
now you must watch your step."
(tree house)

...They were already on the way back
before I could snap a photo!

"This is the only way out of Grammy & Grampy’s in
the winter time to get back to your peops."

(4-wheel drive jeep)

-- No Photo - Yikes, they are fast!--

"Go to the tunnel above ground."

(unused culvert)

"To find the next clue take Grampy to where
life moves as slow as a snail.
To get him to take you there
he needs the name of the place."


Notice Ray on the back of the 4-wheeler,
videotaping the kids in the gator with Grampy.

"Take the route of the Billy Goat Gruff
to where the deer and antelope play."

(Bridge near the salt lick for the deer)

"This powerful, handy Deere will give you your next clue."

(John Deere Tractor)

"Don’t get wet going to the pterodactyls domain."

(On the Island)

Half of the kids rowed across the lake to
get back to the house.

Dani's dog, Daisy (a Weimaraner) couldn't figure
out how to get back to the house without the
kids and finally dove into the lake. She was
not the best swimmer! We even went out to
"save" her, but she eventually made it on her own.

Once back on shore, they gathered around to
try to figure out the next clue:

"If you are not too scared you will find
this clue in the world of arachnophobia."

(The Cabin)

The Final Clue

"Find your final reward in the colorful place where it rains inside."

(Grammy and Grampy's shower)

Jeremy was the first one through the door where goodie filled baskets were found in the shower.

One of our traditions for our annual Easter
Egg Hunt is squirt guns. This is usually the
first time the weather is nice enough for outdoor
play. Abby chased (and squirted) all the big people.

Soon, though, Matthew fought back with the
"big guns"(the Super Soaker) and several little boys
got totally soaked. They never had a chance!

They also enjoyed flying balloons...

...and bubbles.

Even Molly and Hansel enjoyed the day -- taking a swim together.

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