The Stork's Nest

September 2008

Sunday, September 7th

Fishing with Grampy

Grandson Ryan went fishing
in our lake with Grampy.

Looking for a better spot.
No luck, but it was fun!

Sunday, September 14th

Hurricane Ike

Much to our surprise, Hurricane Ike hit Ohio with tremendous winds! The storm did a lot of damage in Ohio,
but we were pretty lucky. The incredible winds were both frightening and exciting. We could hear many trees
falling in the distance, but only saw a few actually come down…though lots of branches fell. It was warm in
spite of the high winds, so we had a lot of the windows open, listening to and watching the trees sway and
even lean right over in the gusts of wind. We were kind of worrying about a totally dead tree that is right
next to the cabin and if it fell in the right direction, would have hit the house. With the big gusts of wind, we
could hear a loud crack from time to time and wondered if it was that dead tree about to come down. Finally,
we decided to go out and brave the winds to see if that tree was about to go. However, it looked fine. It has
no leaves so it did not seem to be swaying as much as the live trees.

Then as I was heading back toward the house I happened to notice a very large tree on the OTHER side of
the cabin go “crack”. I believe it is an Eastern Cottonwood. It is about 60’-80’ tall with a 3-4’ trunk at the
base of the tree. I looked more closely and there was a split in the trunk from the ground to about 5’ above
ground. And every time the wind gusted, it would let out another loud crack and the split got bigger! Near the
base of the tree, several vehicles were parked: the riding mower, the tractor, two 4-wheelers, a dirt bike, the
Gator, the pickup truck and the Jeep. I yelled to Fred to look at the split in the tree and then said we needed to
move those vehicles PRONTO! We decided to move them all down onto the dam where there were no trees. He
got on the tractor and started down the path to the dam while I ran into the house to get the keys for the other vehicles.

No more than 3 minutes later as I came back out of the house with
the keys, the tree went down! …right where the tractor had been
only a few minutes earlier. Amazingly, the tree fell between the mower
and the 4-wheeler…missing the house (it fell away from the house
--uphill), the cabin and all of those vehicles! Since the wind was still
howling and gusting fiercely, we quickly moved the rest of the vehicles
to the dam and retreated to the relative safety of the house.

A couple of hours later (after dark when the wind started to die down)
we drove slowly up the driveway, clearing branches we saw in the
headlights as we went…nothing too big like we feared we would find.

At least I could have gotten out if someone went into labor!
We spent today cutting up the tree and burning the smaller
branches. It was an exhausting day. All the smaller stuff is
cut off the tree, but tomorrow we still need to deal with 70’
of trunk! Right now it is blocking the path to the dam.

As you can see, the tree was rotten
in the center.

Notice how the tree missed both
the cabin and the house.

Week of September 29th through October 3rd

This week, Matthew took a week off work to help us frame the downstairs.

The Bathroom: The first wall is up! The walnut bedroom is to the left...the bathroom to the right.

The next section of wall is up...and it has a doorway!

Building the next section.

On to the next wall...bathroom to the left
mahogany bedroom to the right.

Leveling the next section of this wall.

This wall, too, is now done, including the
doorway to the bedroom.

This is the final wall of the bathroom,
including the doorway to the bathroom.

MAPLE BEDROOM: This is the wall between
the maple bedroom and the playroom.

This is the back wall of the closets between
the maple bedroom and the walnut bedrooms

Now the front wall of the closets between
the maple and walnut bedrooms.

The framed maple bedroom.

The framed walnut bedroom.

MAHOGANY BEDROOM: The first step
in framing this bedroom was framing walls
along the poured concrete walls to provide
a dry, clean wall with outlets and wiring.

Next came the closets between the mahogany
bedroom and Fred's office.

The framed mahogany bedroom.

Next came the back wall of Fred's Office and
the pine bedroom.

Next we built the back walls of the
pine bedroom.

Finally, the front wall of the pine bedroom
including a large closet and doorways to both
Fred's Office and the pine bedroom.

The framed pine bedroom.

THE PLAYROOM: The final framing step was
framing the concrete wall in the playroom.

The framed playroom. This, of course, is just
the beginning. Next is electrical wiring and
then the dreaded drywall :-(

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