The Stork's Nest

October 2008

Saturday, October 18th

Fall Leaves

I shall never get over the beauty of this place in the fall!
It was past the "peak" here, but still beautiful.

Visit from an Osprey

Much to our surprise, an osprey came to visit our lake today. This photo is poor as I was too
far away to get a good, focused photo from across the lake. An osprey is a bird of prey that is
rare here...only seen during their migration. They sit on a branch near the water, cocking their
head from side to side, looking at the water. Then they suddenly dive dramatically into the
water and come up with a fish in their talons! I hope we see them again.

I did not take this one, but this is what they look like. Awesome, huh!

Later in the day, our daughter, Stephanie and her
boys arrived to deliver supplies for next weekend's
party. Here Michael, 8, is carrying pumpkins
around to the back deck for pumpkin carving.

Christopher, left, and Nicholas, 11, help, too.

Saturday, October 25th

October Family Halloween Birthday Party

We have three family birthdays in October: Heather on the 21st and both
Matthew and Nicholas on the 25th. Stephanie planned this party.

Pumpkin Carving

It was a beautiful, sunny day, though chilly. We
gathered on the deck to carve our pumpkins.

Left to right: Heather's friend, Miker, Dani,
Stephanie, David (Miker's cousin), Ryan
and Abbie (Trevor's girlfriend).

Stephanie, Miker, Dani, Trevor, Ryan,
Abbie and Michael.

There is some serious creation going on!

Ray (Rick's son) creating a pumpkin
with Nicole (his fiancee').

Stephanie is helping Dani (Rene's daughter)
attach a template to her pumpkin.

Nicole and Ray

Now Ray is helping Jeremy (Heather's son, 12)
with his pumpkin.

Michael (Stephanie's son, 8) is working
intensely on his pumpkin design.

Ryan (Rene's son, 12) is hard at work.


Kyle (Matthew's son, 8), Michael and

Jeremy (Heather's son, 12) is hard at work!

Abbie, Trevor's girlfriend.

Trevor (Heather's son, 15) dropped his
pumpkin before he even began carving!
Not to be discouraged, he stuck it back
together with toothpicks!

Abbie and Trevor with their finished pumpkins.

David is almost finished.

Little Abby (Heather's daughter, 2)
stole the show, though.

Finally brave enough to reach into that
pumpkin and pull out some gooey stuff!

Behind her is our daughter, Rene'.

Get right in there, Abby, and grab
a handful of pumpkin seeds!

Got some!

Let's try the spoon...not so messy.

Ahhh....much better!

I got a pumpkin seed!

Oh, hey! Writing on my pumpkin with
a marker....much more fun!

Our son, Matthew, and his son Kyle (8).

Oh! This is fun!

Some finished pumpkins.
Left to right: Ray and Nicole's, Jeremy's, Abbie's and Trevor's pumpkins.

Cookout Dinner

Grampy grilling hot dogs for the crew!


Fixing hot dogs for dinner.

In the foreground is a S'mores Birthday Cake.
...a bed of graham crackers and a "cake" of
marshmellows filled with chocolate bars.

The Birthday Kids
Matthew and Heather above

and Nicholas to the right.

The Bonfire

Jeremy, Nicole, Ray and Dani

Ray, Nicole, Miker and Stephanie

Trevor and Abbie


HELP !!!


The rapidly disappearing S'mores Birthday Cake.

Cutting slices of the tree destroyed by
Hurricane Ike to make more seats for
the firering. Ray has the chainsaw.

Little Abby does not like the noise of the
chainsaw so she snuggles with Grammy.

Trevor and Matthew roll one of the logs
to the firering.

PLAYING THE LOGS: They discovered that
the logs around the firering had different sounds
when pounded with hunks of Trevor,
Ray and Jeremy began "playing" the logs like
huge drums!

At right: Ray making S'mores.

The Pumpkins after dark






Little Abby

Ray and Nicole






It was a great day. Most of the family stayed overnight. At the end of the weekend, all agreed they had lots of fun!

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