The Stork's Nest

May 2008

May 2008

This month may seem as though it was a slow month, but with only two months to "Moving Day" we were busy
with last minute building details and packing our home (and 15 years of accumulated "stuff") in West Jefferson.

We have spotted at least two blue herons who frequent
our lake on a regular basis. However, photos are rare
as they are extremely shy! No matter how quiet I am, as soon
as I walk out on the deck to take a photo, they take off!

We have really been tickled by watching our swans,
Hansel and Gretel, when they eat. To reach the grasses
in the deeper water, the pop their tails up in the air!

With spring new deer families came
to our deer food and salt blocks
-- two does and two fawns.

When the CHOICE midwives came here
for their annual retreat, they presented me with
this lovely pot of pansies. Spring is truly here!

  Sunday, May 25th

Audra, Jim, Tyler and Will

Today Jim came to prune the Japanese Maple
the midwives gave us in memory of our son, Rick.

While there, they went our for a ride on the lake.

And, of course, not wanting to miss out on the fun...

Molly went with them!

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