The Stork's Nest

March 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Staircase Railing

Jonny Stone returned today to help me
with the railing by our staircase.
First he sanded the board that formed
the base of the railing and glued it into place.

Next he set the bolt that would
hold the newel post firmly in place.

He carefully marked the newel post
at the height of the railing.

Next he drilled a hole in the newel post so
he could put a nut on the top of the bolt.


After he checked it for level, he tightened
the nut on the bolt that came up
through the newel post.

Next he glued and nailed the spindles
onto the base board, lining them up
carefully with the lines on the base board.

Finally, he drilled holes in the bottom of the
rail to recieve the tops of the spindles. Then
we lined up the tops of each spindle so
we could ease them into the holes, nailing
each spindle to the bottom of the railing.

I love it! But, oh my! All that staining
and then 3 coats of polyurethane on all
those spindles! I am SO sick of staining
and polyurethaning!

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