The Stork's Nest

June 2008

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Carpeting, at last!

Long ago, we identified carpeting as the "last step"
in this prolonged process of building our dream home.
This day was a momentous occasion, indeed!

Our son, Matthew, helped us find a great deal
through a friend of his, Tom.

I could not wait
to feel the well-padded, soft carpet under my toes
and the quiet footfalls and lack of echo
throughout this house.

Padding in comes the carpet!

I can barely contain my excitement!
It has been such a long journey...almost 4 years
since we broke ground.

Wow! There it is!

And in our bedroom, too.

Finally finished.

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Walk-in Closet



All moved in!!!

Friday, June 27th

First visitors...

I was sitting at my computer and my peripheral
vision caught some movement out the window."
A wild turkey!

My first official visitor since moving in was
Ruth Walsh, a longtime midwifery friend from
West Virginia. We had a lovely weekend together.

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