The Stork's Nest

July 2008

Fourth of July Weekend 2008

Trevor's 15th Birthday

How did Trevor get to be 15 year old already?

We had a casual family celebration...
with ice cream cake!

The Big Belly Competition!
Heather, Abbie (Trevor's girlfriend) and Trevor
competed to see who could make the biggest belly.

And of course it rained!
Here Abby (2) insisted on walking in the
mud with her ladybug boots
and almost nothing else!

Dani was crowned Miss Holiday At Home
by the Logan Jacees at their 4th of July

But she had some competition from her
Uncle Matt!

No family weekend would be complete
without some water games. Here Abby
is tentatively splashing her feet in the lake.

Now Heather gets ready to give
her a real dunking!

BIG splash!

She LOVES it!

Molly playing water volleyball.

Hurry, Kyle! Molly is winning!

Molly loves this game.

Clearly, none of the kids can keep up with Molly.

Sunday, July 13th

More Stonework

Jonny returned to finish the last column
of stonework. Here he is grouting the stones.


Kyle "mowing the lawn"

A little bunny outside our window.

July 20: Jonny grouting the chimney.

It, too, is finished now!

July 26th: The stonework is complete! I love it!

July 29th: Every day we see does and fawns, but today we saw two large bucks.

July 31st:
Today we took delivery of an entertainment center/bookshelf for the Master Bedroom.

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