The Stork's Nest

January 2008

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Entry Floor

Our first step was to spread mortar over the
area of the floor we planned to tile. Miker, a
friend of Heather's who had tiling experience,
helped me.

Next, we laid Hardybacker Board (concrete
board) over the dried mortar. Here, Matthew
and Heather are screwing the boards in place.

Matthew and Miker are fitting the boards in place.

Even little Abby got in the act
by handing us screws.

She even tried to give some to Miker,
who was not even screwing the boards down.

Finally, she sat with me (and a snack)
and watched the men do all the work!


This is great fun!

Next, with help from David and Kylene Ferbrache,
we began spreading another layer of mortar,
setting the tiles and putting spacers between
the tiles to keep them straight.

It was something of a puzzle as we could not
lean on the tiles we had already set.

Just one little corner left!

I just love how it turned out!

Wednesday, February 20th


Today was my first snowstorm here.
It was a virtual whiteout as I looked
out across the lake!

Even in the midst of a storm,
it sure is beautiful here!

Soon after the snow stopped, the sun came
out and the snow sparkled.

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