The Stork's Nest

Fall 2008

I shall never get over the beauty of this place in the fall!

Thanksgiving 2008

Back row:
Scottie (Dani's friend), Dani (Rene's daughter-18), Rene' (42), Mark (Rene's friend),
Ray (Rick's son-23), Miker (Heather's friend), Trevor (Heather's son-15), Matthew (33)

Front row:
Ryan (Rene's son-12), Michael (Stephanie's son-8), Nicole (Ray's fiancee), Heather (36),
Jeremy (Heather's son-12), Nicholas (Stephanie's son-11), Stephanie (37), Mike (Stephanie's husband)

Fred (67) and Abby (64), Christopher (Stephanie's son-4), Abby (Heather's daughter-2)

Missing from photo:
Kyle (Matthew's son-8) and our son, Rick

Before dinner, our grandsons decided to
clear some ice for the swans. They battled their
way across the lake in the boat. Sadly, by
morning it was frozen again!

Our family required 3 tables this year.
What will we do nex year?

Abby ran out of patience waiting for dinner
to be served!

After dinner, we asked our children to help us put up
our new, huge, Christmas tree.

Okay...Maybe we should read the directions!

Oh, hey! That works!

Finally up and taking shape.

Now for the star on top.

Finally done!

Wintering the Swans

Once the lake froze, the swans
had to walk on the ice.

By swimming around, they maintained
a small area of open water for themselves.

So Fred built them a shelter and a
ramp to get to it from the water.

Then Fred and Ray installed a pump keep
the water flowing, which prevented the
water from freezing.

Hansel and Gretel were quite curious.

Christmas 2008

As usual, the family gathered here to share Christmas Dinner.

At 2-1/2, Abby really got "into"
Christmas this year.

She helped hand out gifts to everyone.

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